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Mångfaldsakademien is working for increased diversity and to create a more inclusive work environment.

Mångfaldsakademien helps companies to become more efficient and competitive through increased Diversity and a more Inclusive workplace. A positive side effect is that this also helps creating a more Sustainable and Integrated society.

Mångfaldsakademien is working to break norms and to get individuals, companies and organizations to dare and want to think and do differently. Our products and methods are developed so they are easy to understand and straightforward to apply. With small effort to get started, you will immediately be able to see the impact and benefits of the work.

To us Diversity is everything that makes each person unique, i.e. diversity goes beyond the discrimination law and integration of people with a foreign background.

Inclusion is to work with a holistic mindset where each individual is treated with dignity and respectful as well as the possibility to fully contribute with their own expertise, experience and unique skill set. This makes the team greater than the sum of each individual (1+1>2).

Our products


Search engine to find companies and organizations based on diversity criteria’s such as Language, LGBTQ, Disability, service to Parents.



Certifications that improve and enable companies and individuals in Diversity & Inclusion.



Yearly competition to identify the best companies by measuring different criteria’s within Diversity & Inclusion.


Facts & Statistics

Facts, Statistics, Research, Literature and other related to Diversity and Inclusion.


Our Services

Mångfaldsakademien also offers consultancy services under the brand MiConsulting. Through its consulting services Mångfalsakademien is helping companies and organizations with tools, analysis and training to create a more inclusive work environment which builds diversity.

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