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Mångfaldsakademien is driving initiatives to demystify and simplify the complex areas around diversity and inclusion by developing methods that are already known and recognized. This makes our methods and approach innovative in the area of diversity and inclusion. It also make them easy to understand and straightforward to apply.

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SpotMi is the first tool on the market where a company or organization can promote, monitor and measure their ability, experience and values based on diversity search criteria’s such as Language, LGBTQ, Disability and service to Parents.

The company or organization is themselves deciding if they want to register in SpotMi. When they have registered, the client (consumer or company) is able to find them by searching on specific values in the categories Language, LGBT, Disability or service to Parents (in addition to Company type and city.

The specific values within each category is the company's Unique Selling Points or USPs. That is, these are the elements which differentiate the company and make it stand out from other businesses.

The clients usually use SpotMi when:

  • The client has a certain need (e.g. specific language skill).
  • The client wants to ensure dignified treatment / equal treatment (e.g. if they've got a disability).
  • The client would like to work with companies or organizations who are standing for diversity values.

A company or organization decides to register themselves in SpotMi if they want to:

  • Build their brand: Position themselves as a player within diversity and inclusion.
  • 'Reach specific target group: Use diversity as a Unique Selling Point. Both to target persons having specific diversity needs as well as to target persons wanting to give their business to companies standing for diversity and inclusion.
  • Get instant feedback:Instant rating and feedback of the actual customers’ experience in regards to the work and values of the company within diversity and inclusion.
  • Take inventory of their [hidden] diversity asset: What diversity assets does the company have? SpotMi allows for an easy way to take inventory of the company’s [hidden] diversity assets.
  • Work actively with diversity within the company: SpotMi helps you building the diversity skills and the business culture needed to meet the demand of today and tomorrow from your clients and suppliers.

SpotMi also provides benefits for the society; SpotMi is breaking norms, it creates a more inclusive society, and it enables all individuals to act more independently.




We offer trainings and certification to improve and enable companies and individuals in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion.

The certification MiCert verifies that the person has knowledge and expertise in diversity and inclusion in the workplace.




MiBarometer is a yearly competition to identify the best companies by measuring different criteria within diversity and inclusion. The first competition is planned for the fall of 2017.

Mångfaldsakademien will also continuously conduct surveys to better understand how companies and organizations are impacted by diversity and inclusion.




Through its consulting services Mångfaldsakademien is helping companies and organizations with tools, analysis and training to drive their business through diversity and inclusion. This may include measuring and evaluating a company or an organization, creating a client strategy, or helping to develop action plans about diversity and inclusion, in line with the values of the company, its strategies and its communication plan.

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