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Unique Selling Points or USPs are the elements which differentiate a company from another and therefore make it stand out from other businesses. On SpotMi a company or an organization is using their Unique Selling Points in diversity and inclusion to promote, monitor and measure their ability, experience and values based on diversity search criteria’s such as Language, LGBTQ, Disability and service to Parents. On this page, we describe the different USP values that're currently being used on SpotMi in the category Language.

The languages displayed for a specific company/organization are reflecting the current language skills in the company/organization. By displaying these current language skills, the company/organization is promoting their ability to do business and provide service in other languages than the official language of the country. Customers with a specific language need hence know what companies/organizations to approach. Note! This isn't what language skills a company wish to have, but the one they currently have.

There's also a language called 'Easy Swedish'. This is reflecting a company value, rather than a language skill. Any customer who is impacted or who finds this value important, can thereby use this search criteria when looking for or deciding what company/organization to do business with.




Different languages

Currently it's possible to select 69 different languages in SpotMi. These represent the official EU languages, the minority languages of Sweden, Swedish sign language and the languages most commonly used in Sweden.




Easy Swedish

All persons are welcomed and appreciated customers regardless of their cultural background or if they speak Swedish with or wihtout an accent. They can expect equal treatment.

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