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SpotMi is the first tool on the market where a company or organization can promote, monitor and measure their ability, experience and values based on diversity search criteria’s such as Language, LGBTQ, Disability and service to Parents.


The company or organization is themselves deciding if they want to register in SpotMi. When they have registered, the client (consumer or company) is able to find them by searching on specific values in the categories Language, LGBT, Disability or service to Parents (in addition to Company type and city).

The specific values within each category is the company's Unique Selling Points or USPs. That is, these are the elements which differentiate the company and make it stand out from other businesses.

We publish articles throughout the year about the advantage of using the company's ability, experience and values in its marketing and sales as well as information about the different USPs. For now these articles will mainly be published in Swedish.


The benefit of SpotMi for Customer, Company & Organization and Society



The clients usually use SpotMi when:

  • The client has a certain need: E.g. need of a specific language skill, possibility to enter with a wheelchair, bring a child.
  • The client wants to ensure dignified treatment / equal treatment: E.g. if they've got a disability, if they're not born in Sweden, if they're a member of the LGBTQ community.
  • The client would like to work with companies or organizations which are standing for diversity values: To many people, diversity has become a value as obvious and normal just like paper recycling, organic food or that a company is committed to CSR. It doesn't matter if the persons were brought up with this belief or if they got it through their personal experience or by having relatives and/or friends who've been unequally treated. The important fact is that there's an increasing interest amongst consumers and customers to find companies which stand for diversity values.
Company / Organisation

A company or organization decides to register themselves in SpotMi if they want to:

  • Build their brand: Position themselves as a player within diversity and inclusion.
  • Reach specific target groups: Use diversity as a Unique Selling Point. Both to target persons having specific diversity needs as well as to target persons wanting to give their business to companies standing for diversity and inclusion.
  • Get instant feedback: Instant rating and feedback of the actual customers’ experience in regards to the work and values of the company within diversity and inclusion.
  • Take inventory of their [hidden] diversity assets: What diversity assets does the company have? SpotMi allows for an easy way to take inventory of the company’s [hidden] diversity assets.
  • Work actively with diversity within the company: SpotMi helps you building the diversity skills and the business culture needed to meet the demand of today and tomorrow from your clients and suppliers.



SpotMi also provides benefits for the society:

  • Breaking norms; Turns upside down what is traditional considered 'good' and what is normally thought to be 'necessary' to be successful as a person/entrepreneur. This by establishing and strengthening diversity and inclusion as valid selling points and valuable communication.
  • Creates a more inclusive society.
  • Enables all individuals to act more independently.


Examples when a company would want to register inSpotMi

A company should really consider to register in SpotMi if they answer “Yes!” to one or more of the questions below:

  • Do you have other language skills than Swedish in your company?
  • Are you open to communicate in Easy Swedish?
  • Do you treat all customers in the same way regardless if they speak Swedish with or without an accent?
  • Is your company LGBT certified?
  • Do you treat all customers the same regardless of their sexual preference (letters LGB in LGBT)?
  • Do you treat all customers the same regardless how they identify and express their gender (letter T in LGBT)?
  • Are there steps (affects customers with a broken foot, a walker, or…)? If so, how many?
  • Are your premises wheelchair accessible?
  • Do you have allergy free premises? Do you offer gluten free and/or lactose free alternatives?
  • Are the premises cognitively accessible? Is there loud and/or sudden sounds?
  • Can an AED (Automatic defibrillator) be found in your premises? Is your staff trained in CPR?
  • Do you have experience in meeting visually or hearing-impaired persons or persons with a speaking disorder? Can they expect equal treatment? Are you positively inclined to guide dogs?
  • For customers with autism or other invisible disabilities: Can they expect respectful and positive treatment? Do you have specific knowledge or experience which can be of help or support for the customer?
  • Does your company or organization support any cancer association?
Service to Parents
  • Are your premises baby carriage accessible?
  • Is there a children menu, play corner or other activities for kids?
  • Is it possible to bring kids to meetings?
  • Can a friendly and positive treatment be expected if bringing kids in a certain age?


Price for SpotMi

There're five (5) different SpotMi products to select from. The price will be invoiced annually.

Prices for SpotMi

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